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At One Stop Vending, we are committed to bringing your establishment's employees and customers fresh and cool snacks at a reasonable price. Tired of providing your employees and customers with the same old junk food and soda? Well try our new healthy line of snacks and beverages we can offer in our state of the art machines. We provide services that are innovative and reliable, and create solutions that transform vending areas into dining destinations. Our network is vast, yet flexible, so we are able to analyze and understand your specific needs and provide the right solutions for you, whether you have one location or many sites we can handle your business needs.

Answering the challenges of today's hectic and more personalized schedules, vending and refreshment services provide avenues for satisfying customers at any time of day or night in businesses, healthcare facilities, and campuses. Our machines are serviced from monthly to bi weekly depending on your establishments needs. So don't bother with trying to purchase your own vending machine, which could cost thousands of dollars, or pay to lease a machine that is neglected and not kept up with expensive prices. Our service is 100% free and comes with many options, we have combination machines with both beverages and snacks, snack only, beverage only, and frozen/refrigerated machines.

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